Thank You To:

This project has a long way to go but we would like to say thank you now to the many people that are helping and have helped make it a success:

A. Jack Geiger M.D. Lecturer
Alexander Clark Actor
Amy Silberling
Ann SimaoResearch Director – Doraville Library Atlanta GA
Arthur Leipsig Photographer
Audrey & Larry Kolloff
Barbara DoddsPresident – Dunwoody North Civic Association
Bert Kertzner MD
Beulah BullockClothing Designer
Bill Marshall
Charles Pearson
Clayton MartinActor
Coby Pearson
Daine Pearson
Darby JonesActor
Diana LachetemereCurator of Manuscripts – The Schomburg Center for Research in Black Culture
Dr. Freda GilesDir. African-American Studies – University of GA, Athens
Earle HymanActor
Eric Burroughs Actor
Florence & Thomas Kramer
Fran Russell
Francene Klein
Frances Tannyhill ClarkActress
Frank Lindauer
Frederick O’NeilPresident Pro Tem – Actors Equity
Henry BlankfortFilm Producer
Henry Howard
Hilda HaynesActress
Howard Dodson
Jagra BurrianProfessor – University of Albany
James HatchBillops Collection Research Library
Janice Quinter
Jeanette McDuffie
Jennifer WollermanWriter
Joanne MeyersPublic Relations
John RandolphActor
Joyce LeighActress
Kate Rackoff
Kenny Kilfara
Kevin LewisWriter
Kim Bui
Larry Nash
Leonard DePaurConductor, former Cultural Director Lincoln Center
Leroy GilesActor
Leslie NashJournalist
Lidia Pearson
Louise Silberling
Loyd GoughActor
Margaret Ann (Peg) Silberling
Marty JacobsCurator – Theatrical Collection Museum of the City of New York
Mary Lee Schneider
Mary YearwoodCurator of Photos – The Schomburg Center for Research in Black Culture
Megan Smithgallery at Atlanta College of Art
Merlin Miller
Michael GwynneActor, Script Writer
Mona Z. SmithPlaywright
Mr. & Mrs. Charles Johnston
Mr. & Mrs. Richard Jensen
Mr. & Mrs. William GreavesWilliam Greaves Productions Inc.
Mrs. Robert Joseph
Nancy Berlin
Olinda Woods
Oscar BrandMusician, Radio Commentator
Ossie DavisWriter, Actor
Paul KleinAttorney at Law
Paul StewartActor, Director
Peter Silberling
Richmond BartheSculptor
Robert PartnoyAttorney at Law
Sarah CunninghamActress
Sidney PoitierActor, Director
Sister Rose Agnes
Stephanie Dodunsky
Stephen RobertsActor, Attorney at Law
Stephenie Steele
Sylvia Blankfort
Thomas (Tommy) AndersonActor
Toni NashNash Communications
Vicky & Bary Graves
William (Billy) ButlerConductor, Musician
William BranchAuthor

My apologies if your name has been accidentally omitted or misspelled.
Please drop us a note with a short explanation and we will remedy the situation.
Thank You – Frances Lee Pearson

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