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“My success as an actor gave me the opportunity to fight for the things I feel so deeply about: speaking out against the evils of discrimination, helping to open up more and better opportunities for black actors, encouraging young people to get an education and to work hard toward their dreams.”

The memories, artifacts, and insightful legacy of Canada Lee were lovingly preserved over the years by his widow, Frances Lee Pearson, who originally created the Canada Lee Foundation shortly after his death.

In December 2005, Frances began work on establishing a new foundation.
he Canada Lee Heritage Foundation received its charter in early 2007.

Our mission and vision is to further the work and ideals of Canada Lee, and of Frances Lee Pearson. In the process, we hope America and the world will rediscover Canada Lee’s exemplary achievements as a great artist and human being.


The Canada Lee Heritage Foundation
was created to:

Help develop a better understanding among all people through the support and encouragement of the dramatic and cultural arts.

Provide the training and education of talented young people in said arts, particularly those of African descent.

Provide stimulation and support to arts organizations and cultural institutions with the ultimate objective of encouraging full, free and open access and opportunities to all talented people regardless of diverse backgrounds.


Any assistance you can give
is highly appreciated.

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